Bodybuilding Secrets from Pros: Use Deer Antler Extract
Warning: Don’t Waste Time, Use Deer Antler Extract to Build Up
Your Body



No one really likes dieting and working out but professional bodybuilders do it for a living. They

eat the right food, work out day in and day out and eventually manage to get their bodies up to

competition level. And, don’t think that’s easy. Take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body

before he joined movies and after it. Yes, he does have the bulk but he’s definitely not up to

competition level.

Of course, that means bodybuilders spend every minute of every waking day building up their

bodies with good food, workout routines, and protein supplements to build up mass and muscle

definition. However, it’s a long hard struggle uphill and it does take a lot of commitment and


What if a simple supplement could help you increase mass and acquire muscle definition quickly and effectively?



Deer antler velvet has acquired a reputation of being very useful as a muscle and bone builder.

This supplement seems to improve overall health and it has also been in the media with

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis reporting the use of this supplement to heal a muscle

injury. The supplement is supposed to be really good in nutritional value as well; but, no need

to take our word for it. We decided to collect as much information as possible about deer antler

and deer antler bodybuilding effects.

We’ve compiled for you all you need to about deer antler extract. So, before you start

consuming, a little research is essential for you to know what you’re inviting into your system.

Deer Antler Velvet Bodybuilding: Supplements That Work?



Most bodybuilders shy away from anything illegal and they tend to be very careful about what

they put into their bodies. They are very wary of substances that will disqualify them from

competitions. However, unlike other substances this is where deer antler extract is useful.

A completely natural supplement or powder is extracted from antler velvet from the antlers of

deer, moose, caribou and elk before they calcify. This velvet is highly nutritious and has several

beneficial properties and it is particularly rich in a number of vitamins, minerals and essential

compounds. It also contains anti-inflammatory prostaglandins that improve healing and help

build muscle mass faster.

How Do Deer Antler Supplements Work?



Traditionally, deer antler velvet was derived from the North American Elk and Red Deer. The

antlers were collected before they calcified and then powdered to create the deer antler velvet

powder. Ancient Indians also made deer antler velvet teas that were supposed to be very good

for joint and muscle health. The tea was supposed to be great for anemia, arthritis, insomnia,

and wound healing.

In a few cultures, deer velvet antler extract was also considered as a very effective cure for

male impotence and female infertility. Over the years, the extract also came to be considered as

an effective aphrodisiac, immune system booster, blood forming agency, restorative in children

and a muscle booster. Almost every culture in China, Japan and New Zealand has its own

version of antler extract and teas but the beneficial effects purported by them all are roughly them all

are roughly the same.

Although there were legends about the deer velvet antler extract, there was no hard proof

until a researcher J. Church provided empirical evidence in 1999. The researcher was able

to prove that deer velvet antler extract contained active compounds like IGF-1 or insulin-like

growth factor that could reduce muscle inflammation, slow down ageing and improve bone

health. Church went on to find that deer velvet contained glycosaminoglycans, collagen,

polysaccharides lipids, IGF1 and prostaglandins.

Out of all these compounds, IGF or insulin-like growth factor has the most beneficial effects for

users. Deer velvet compound has been proven to contain both IGF-1 and IGF-2 in substantial

amounts. This factor influences muscle growth formation by stimulating the division of bone and

muscle cells. Soviet scientists who tested the extract based on this research were impressed

with the extract as it increased body mass and muscle strength considerably in Soviet athletes.

Direct Benefit to Bodybuilders



For bodybuilders, deer antlers provide direct benefit in the form of muscle cell and bone cell

formation. The IGF in the supplement repairs cell injuries faster, replaces damaged cells, and

ensures that athletes recover quickly and efficiently. Deer antler extract also influences muscle

growth, which is of great importance to bodybuilders.

Daily Dosage



There is no recommended daily amount of the extract as it is a natural product. Most athletes

prefer to use a small amount daily and increase their intake during competition season to help

them build muscle mass faster. We recommend you start with a lower dose and increase it

slowly. If you have allergies, make sure you test the product for 48 hours and then continue with

continuous intake. Please do consult with your physician if you have chronic medical conditions

that require daily medication.

Buy Deer Antler Spray or Deer Antler Products



Almost all of the current deer antler velvet extracts available in the market are from Korea.

Naturally, Korea is the highest producer of deer antler extracts and it is followed by New

Zealand. . Both countries are very famous for their high quality production of deer antler extract.

However, you will also find countries like China, Russia, United States and Canada producing

pure deer antler velvet.

As a result, you can find manufacturers that produce the best deer antler based products in

your country itself. However, we do urge you to buy deer antler products from a reputable

manufacture. The antler velvet should be pure and not contaminated with medications or mixed

with other products.

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